Emily Linard  is a actress and voiceover artist from London, England.
After graduating Bath Spa university with a degree in Musical theatre, 3 years ago, she has travelled all over the world performing in places such as Germany, Spain and Cyprus.  She has recently returned to the UK and discovered her love for voiceover work!
She has done voiceover work for children's stories, video games, automated voicemail services and many more.
"I am very pleased to be working with Michael on his collection of wonderful stories."

Mark Manning  is an Irish broadcaster and writer.

He started life as an Army brat.  His father was an Irish Army officer with the United Nations Peacekeepers. Mark's formative years were spent travelling the Middle East.

Pirate radio came to Ireland in the early 80's, and Mark thrived as a DJ.  He was sidetracked, however, into another passion, SALES.  For over 20 years, Mark had a very successful corporate career selling IT for Xerox and Toshiba.

He is an erstwhile TV presenter, and hosts a four hour weekly show on radio.  He spends his time with his beloved wife Frances, and two daughters, Regina and Franny.  Mark is a working voice over artist and has voiced many corporate commercials.  He has also narrated many audio books.

He totallyloves the band Duran Duran, and sees them at every opportunity!