"Thank you for visiting my site.  I sincerely hope you enjoy the tales herein!"

Michael Holzapfel


  "All of my life, I've had a profound love of the ocean.  It's depth and vastness have held, for me, endless opportunity for exploration and adventure.  When I was very young, my father, a decorated naval officer, would return home after months at sea, bearing gifts from far away places.  He would regale me with tales of the high seas, for all too brief a time, then embark on another grand adventure, as I awaited his next return.  It's no wonder that the sea has found its way into so many of my stories.

  As an adult, I've had many grand adventures of my own, both above and below the sea.  From Fiji to Florida, Puerto Rico to the Puget Sound, the ocean, and the creatures that call it home, have filled me with wonder.  As you read my stories, I hope you enjoy meeting some of the colorful characters that I have met along the way."